Who am I?

My name is Nomi Shmerling, and I live in Roswell, GA with my husband, 2 sons, 2 dogs, and cat. Life has taken me on many journeys, and I have transformed myself a few times so far. So much, I use to call myself a ‘shapeshifter’ to others because of how many hats I have worn, and how many experiences I have invited into my life. When I was 23 I left Atlanta (where I was raised), and moved to Seattle, WA where I finished my Bachelors from University of Washington, and did a lot of childhood healing. When I was 27 I spread my wings again I took flight straight to sunny Colorado. I lived in Boulder with my now husband, which whom I met there, until we mutually decided to move to Israel. My husband and I are both Israeli, he was born there, and I was born in the US to an American and Israeli couple who I can Mom and Abba.

After our wedding, the birth of our 2 sons, living in Israel was an experience we were both ready to grow from. Returning to the US in 2013, I felt what I call the ‘Universe’ giving me lots of signs that it was time to wake up and live the life I came here to live.  In between moving to Colorado and moving to Israel I obtained a MBA, and started a corporate career at Deloitte. I have held titles of project manager, program manager, and consultant. And in every single one of these roles I filled, I felt out of place. I excelled and made a very good career for myself, but wasn’t happy. The same question kept being asked by the little voice in my head,” How are you helping humanity?” That question eventually became hard to answer because I was not helping humanity that way that felt right for me. Then the day came I had what is called a Spiritual Awakening, and I awoke to my inner bliss.    I left the corporate world and entered into a PhD. program at Sofia University studying Transpersonal Psychology – and I knew I was finally home!       

How did I find Soul-Centric Living?

Thinking with our heads leads us where our Ego would like us to go. There are always blessings and lessons on that road, but there is not always happiness. The Universe gives us signs we are off track from our life purpose when we feel out of balance. We find barriers every which way we turn.  These are all signs you are not yet living a soul-centric life.   When you think from your heart, you are lead from your soul. We all have moments in our lives where we find soul-centric experiences. I found it by listening to my personal inner desire to helping others and sharing wisdom, spending time laughing with family and friends, sitting outside with only the sounds of nature, and finding things that make my heart sing with joy.  Every day I have learned to listen to what I need most. Some days its companionship with close friends and family, other days it’s a walk in the rain, reading a good book, or doing some sort of art. I have learned so much about myself from listening to what my heart wants to share with me, and where it wants to lead me to. Synchronicity meets me every day, and every day I can honestly say I feel incredibly blessed. Living a soul-centric life has transformed who I once was to who I am still becoming.    

What are my research interests?

Research is something that has always given me great joy, so pursing a Ph.D was very much in tune with my heart lead path. My research focus is Witness Consciousness developed through brief daily mindfulness mediation, looking at how people cultivate what is sometimes called the ‘Observing Self’. When we learn to slow our thoughts down, we are welcomed to the inner peace that lives within is. When you become the observer within you can view the landscape of your thoughts, decisions, reactions, and habits and make an intrinsic decision to change one or all of these aspects of your self.     My current research interests are: Mindfulness, Consciousness, the chakra system, self-transformation, Inner healing  

What do I do day-to-day to stay soul-centric?

I listen to my needs and set boundaries on a daily basis. One thing I have had to learn to do, it say No so I have more opportunities to say Yes to the things that bring me great bliss. I take a few minutes out of each day to pause and get quiet. Sometimes this means just sitting in a chair and looking at the window to watch the birds play and squirrels chase each other. I leave my head empty and just focus on being present and relaxed. I begin my focusing on my breath and then navigating myself to the stillness that sits inside me.  

Is it possible to live soul-centric everyday?

Yes, but we much first except that our greatest lessons are those we deem hard sometimes.  Think back to the hard moments in life, can you identify the lesson?  I can.  If you work with me, you will hear how my childhood was a challenging one (i.e. homelessness, emotional abuse), and in the same respect it was the time in my life some very valuable lessons where learned, and begun.  My hardest days are sometimes by best, because I know it is an opportunity to end a cycle, stop a karmic lesson from repeating itself, or bring in a new perspective.  Our soul sometimes leads up down what we would call hard roads, but if you find yourself there there is an amazing opportunity of growth awaiting you at the end of that journey.