Liz, from Boulder, CO

I have known Nomi as a colleague, a mentor and a friend. She is a heart-centered visionary capable of transforming her world.  Her part has enabled her to develop the clarity, wisdom and skill to teach and facilitate soul-centric living.  Nomi embodies radiant grace and approaches mindful living with warmth and humor.  She has inspired me to re-engage my own practice and pursue my dreams with wild abandon on the tail end of most difficult experiences. 

Mari, from Atlanta, GA

Nomi always has fresh ideas, inputs and suggestions to ponder.  I can say that they alway lead toward open paths of potential growth.  She is patient and generous with her time and growing body of knowledge.  Our conversations are inspiring, insightful and full of possible avenues to explore. 

Marie, from Boise, ID

Nomi recently came into my life about 2 years ago and the impact that she’s had on my spiritual development has been priceless. Her perspectives and insights are unique, refreshing and spot on in regard to areas of my life that I have had struggles with. She is one of the most inspiring people that I have ever met and her soul has wisdom that is truly timeless. I am honored to have her love, light and guidance in my life